% Robb Bank$
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Anonymous said: Did robb and kristen noel date? Theres a pic of him behind her and shes nude and hes covering her pussy

Well he makes a reference to her in Xan with that lean so they could be

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Anonymous said: I kan tel a groupie bitch run dis shii sittin behind a dumb ass fan page ain gon geh u close ta robb u gah too much free tyme on ya hands get cho life on da real

First off.. You really don’t have to follow the blog if you don’t want to. And second.. I may have too much free time but I’d love for you to free your schedule and go back to school to learn to spell before you come at me again. And lastly I’m not doing this to “get close to Robb” lmao It’s just a blog it’s not that serious

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Robb $
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[Cover Art]
Year of the Savage - Robb Bank$
Designed by Delux Visuals
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2 Phone Shawty
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"I’m that nigga
still that nigga
been that nigga"
Robb Bank$ (via fuckkkmack)